Gary J. Lemmons


For more than 2 decades, Mr. Lemmons' distinguished career has placed him at the forefront of designing, developing, introducing and marketing high-tech products and services worldwide. He has pioneered the research and development of routine products and services we enjoy today from the groundbreaking stages. His reputation in this competitive industry has made him the prominent choice of leading companies to develop and launch wide-span marketing campaigns.

Strategies, both technical and marketing, put into place by Mr. Lemmons over the last 20 plus years have proved quite successful, as many products are easily recognized in our world today. Products once thought to be outlandish and inconceivable have effectively bridged the gap for multitudes of companies and governments throughout the world; and even gone so far as to become household necessities. Products such as high-speed modems and terminal adapters, desktop video conferencing, audio/video streaming and internet appliances -- all definable products known to virtually every computer owner or operator anywhere.

A published author and highly respected in his field, Mr. Lemmons strong marketing acumen and unique flair for presentations has gained him invitations to speak at numerous events in North America as well as mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, France, England, Holland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This recognition placed him as a top commodity for inclusion in numerous web and trade journals, magazines, newspapers, television and radio alike.

With a seasoned background for business, Mr. Lemmons career has placed him on both sides of the fence as a small business owner, corporate lead marketing officer and independent consultant. He has put together highly effective technical solutions and marketing campaigns for companies of enormous wealth as well as those operating on a more restrictive budget.

Mr. Lemmons currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida where he owns and operates a local computer services company while continuing to consult with both domestic and internationally based companies and organizations. He is an avid marine aquarist and enjoys boating, SCUBA diving, volunteer work and ongoing self-discovery and improvement

Gary J. Lemmons